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The Town of Sedgewick

Planning and Development

Learn more about key information on the planning and development requirements in the Town of Sedgewick.

Development and Building Permit Information

The Town of Sedgewick requires that anyone who is building/demolishing any type of structure – including moving a mobile home into the town to get a permit.

Please note that development permits require payment in full prior to application processing and approval.

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Town of Sedgewick – Development & Building Process

A development permit must be obtained from the Town of Sedgewick.

Development Permit Fees are as follows:

  • Residential: $55.00 (Includes all development pertaining to residences including houses, garages, basement finishing, etc.)
  • Commercial: $55.00
  • Fences, Decks, Renovations, Additions, Small Structures: $30.00

(A development permit is required prior to a building permit application). This applies to any renovations that are being done that would cost more than $5,000 dollars.

A Development Permit requires the following information:

  • A site plan: a drawing showing the layout of the proposed development on the lot, with measurements showing the side/front and back yard setbacks from your property lines.
  • All legal information – i.e. Legal Address, ownership of property, and zoning.
  • Contractor name and estimated cost of development.

The Development Permit must be signed by the Town of Sedgewick Mayor and the CAO prior to application of the required building permits.

The Town of Sedgewick contracts permitting services to Superior Safety Codes Inc. Superior Safety Codes Inc. requires a signed, sealed and numbered development permit prior to issuing any permits. Please note that it is the policy of the Town of Sedgewick that all town utility services (water and sewer) must be located and installed at the time of the digging of the basement.

Note that it is the owner’s responsibility to locate the survey pins on their lots. A metal detector can be borrowed from the Town to facilitate this process. Older areas of town many not have metal pins.

Once the development has been approved as complying with the Land Use Bylaw you will need to submit the development permit to Superior Safety Codes Inc.

Always remember to think safety as you start your project and check for power lines and your safety Fortis.

If you are in doubt as to whether something requires a building permit, please call the Town of Sedgewick at 780-384-3504 to check.

All development in the Town of Sedgewick must conform to Land Use Bylaws #461 and amending Land Use Bylaw # 483, amending 487, amending 504, amending 505, amending 506. Find out more here.

Do you know what your property is zoned as? Find out with the Town of Sedgewick Zoning Map.