The Town of Sedgewick

Development or Demolition Permit

The Town of Sedgewick requires that anyone who is building or demolishing any type of structure to submit an appropriate permit application – including moving a mobile or RTM home into the Town.

Payment in full for a Development Permit is required prior to application processing/approval.

Development Permit Application
Land Use Bylaw 

Development & Building Process Hierarchy

Once the Development Permit Application has been approved in compliance with the Town’s Land Use Bylaw you will need to submit a copy of the approved Development Permit to Superior Safety Codes Inc. when you apply for the applicable Provincial Permits for the disciplines required (i.e. Building – which includes demolition & relocation, Electrical, Natural Gas and Plumbing Permits.)

Superior Safety Services may be reached at 1-888-358-5545 or via email at info@superiorsafetycodes.com

Online applications are available: Superior Safety Codes Inc.