The Town of Sedgewick

Councillor Compensation and Expenses Disclosure

Council endorsed Compensation and Expenses Policy 18-07 to establish parameters for the reporting of Council honorariums and expenses to provide for accountability and transparency.

Further, Policy 18-07 requires the disclosure of individual Councillor’s compensation and expense reimbursement on the Town’s website on a quarterly basis to facilitate accountability and transparency to Taxpayers.

20181st Qrtr.
2nd Qrtr.
3rd Qrtr.
4th Qrtr
2018 Total
Mayor Perry Robinson1,351.232,459.835,048.184,464.8213,324.05
Councillor Stephen Levy2,379.832,553.992,708.521,936.079,578.41
Councillor Grant Imlah1,225.161,328.461,509.241,225.165,288.02
Councillor Tim Schmutz1,535.06No Expense Form3,136.191,535.065,206.31
Councillor Greg Sparrow1,328.461,121.851,560.891,483.415,494.62