Public Notice: Residents are advised that the sanitary sewer system will be undergoing maintenance over the next few days and vehicular traffic should exercise caution and reduce speed when in the vicinity of workers.

The Town of Sedgewick


New Boulevard Bylaw! New Application Requirements!

Town Council deemed it important to maximize public safety and to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the Town boulevards. Boulevard Bylaw 537/18 regulates that no person other than the Town shall: Pave any or all of a boulevard or back alley unless and until a permit to do so has been authorized. Be responsible for […]

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Black Knot Disease! Time to Prune!

Black Knot, caused by the fungus Apiosporina morbosa, is a very common disease of plants in the genus Prunus (all Cherry genus, Mayday, Plum and Apricot). This disease reduces the aesthetic value of affected specimens, as infections spread rapidly. High levels may result in the eventual death of the plant.   What can be done […]

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Naming Rights for Rec Centre up for Grabs

The Town of Sedgewick has issued a request for proposal for the naming rights of the Sedgewick Recreation Centre.  The Town is looking for an interested party that would hold the rights for a minimum of 10 years.

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