The Town of Sedgewick

Archived Meetings and Minutes

Archived Agenda Packages and Minutes

Below are the archived agenda packages and minutes from 2014 to 2018. Copies of minutes prior to this can be requested at the Town office.

January 18AgendaMinutes
February 15Agenda Minutes
March 22Agenda Minutes
April 19Agenda Minutes
April 26 SpecialAgenda Minutes
May 17Agenda Minutes
June 14Agenda Minutes
June 25 SpecialAgenda Minutes
July 12Agenda Minutes
July 26 SpecialAgenda Minutes
August 23Agenda Minutes
September 20Agenda Minutes
October 18 OrganizationalAgenda Minutes
October 18Agenda Minutes
November 22Agenda Minutes
December 20Agenda Minutes
December 21AgendaMinutes
November 16AgendaMinutes
October 19AgendaMinutes
October 19 OrganizationalAgendaMinutes
September 21AgendaMinutes
August 24AgendaMinutes
July 27AgendaMinutes
July 6 (special)AgendaMinutes
June 26 (special)AgendaMinutes
June 15AgendaMinutes
May 24AgendaMinutes
May 15 (special)AgendaMinutes
May 11 (special)AgendaMinutes
April 20AgendaMinutes
March 16AgendaMinutes
January 30AgendaMinutes
December 15AgendaMinutes
December 1 (special)AgendaMinutes
November 17AgendaMinutes
October 25AgendaMinutes
October 25 (organizational)AgendaMinutes
September 15AgendaMinutes
September 7 (special)AgendaMinutes
August 18AgendaMinutes
July 14AgendaMinutes
June 23AgendaMinutes
May 26AgendaMinutes
May 12 (special)AgendaMinutes
April 21AgendaMinutes
March 10AgendaMinutes
February 18AgendaMinutes
January 21AgendaMinutes
January 21 (organizational)AgendaMinutes
December 17AgendaMinutes
December 10 - SpecialAgendaMinutes
November 19AgendaMinutes
October 29 - SpecialAgendaMinutes
October 29 - Public HearingAgendaMinutes
October 29 - OrganizationalAgendaMinutes
October 22 - OrganizationalAgendaMinutes
October 13 - SpecialAgendaMinutes
October 9 - SpecialAgendaMinutes
September 29 - SpecialAgendaMinutes
September 17AgendaMinutes
September 1 - SpecialAgendaMinutes
July 20 - SpecialAgendaMinutes
June 25AgendaMinutes
May 21AgendaMinutes
April 16AgendaMinutes
April 9 - SpecialMinutesMinutes
March 12AgendaMinutes
February 9 - OrganizationalAgendaMinutes
February 5 - SpecialAgendaMinutes
January 22AgendaMinutes
December 15AgendaMinutes
December 4 SpecialAgendaMinutes
November 20AgendaMinutes
November 6 SpecialAgendaMinutes
October 23AgendaMinutes
October 23 OrganizationalAgendaMinutes
September 18AgendaMinutes
August 28AgendaMinutes
July 14AgendaMinutes
July 14 OrganizationalAgendaMinutes
July 3 SpecialAgendaMinutes
June 19AgendaMinutes
June 19 OrganizationalAgendaMinutes
May 29 OrganizationalAgendaMinutes
May 21AgendaMinutes
May 21 OrganizationalAgendaMinutes
April 16AgendaMinutes
April 8 SpecialAgendaMinutes
March 19AgendaMinutes
February 20AgendaMinutes
February 20 OrganizationalAgendaMinutes
January 23AgendaMinutes