The Town of Sedgewick


Find helpful information regarding the  Sedgewick Memorial Cemetery including past records.

The Sedgewick Memorial Cemetery is located 1 km north of the Town limits across the road from the Sedgewick Lake Park. The Cemetery is administered and maintained by the Town of Sedgewick.

Costs relating to the Sedgewick Memorial Cemetery are as follows – GST Not Included (as per Fees Bylaw #549):

  • Sale of Plot (Casket burial):                        $250
  • Sale of Cremation Plot:                                $ 75
  • Memorial Book Space on Monument:      $ 60
  • Memorial Book Plaque:                              Per Suppliers
  • Grave Monument Permit:                           $ 30

Opening & Closing of Plots:

  • Casket:                       Summer $400 Winter (Nov. 1 – April 30)   $1000
  • Cremation                 Summer $75  Winter (Nov. 1 – April 30)    $190
  • Weekend/Holiday Cremation Burials – Additional Fee:      $110
  • Weekend/Holiday Casket Burials – Additional Fee:             $500
  • Grave Liners (required for casket burial):                             $850

Monument Permit is required prior to the placement of a Monument at a cost of $30.00 (GST not included).

Cemetery Bylaw 550

Pursuant to Cemetery Bylaw 550, Section 13, a Perpetual Care Fee of Twenty Percent (20%) will be added to all Cemetery Fees and/or invoices and transferred to a Cemetery Reserve Fund in order to provide for future maintenance.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

The following information is taken from FOIP Question and answers for municipalities:

Can a municipality put the complete cemetery record, such as names, dates of births and deaths, and locations of burial sites, on a web page?

This information is personal information of individuals. The disclosure would be an unreasonable invasion of privacy if the individuals have been deceased for less than 25 years (section 17(2)(i)). Disclosure of this information should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Cemetery Policies:

The Town of Sedgewick limits the number of grave sites that can be sold to a person to two plots, with an exception for burial of children. Please contact the Town Office at 780-384-3504 for details and/or to purchase plots.

The Sedgewick Memorial Cemetery is legislated by Cemetery Bylaw 550.

Pursuant to Section 10 of Cemetery Bylaw #550, any monument and/or headstone must be approved by the Town of Sedgewick. Monuments and/or Headstones in the ‘New Site Block’ Cemetery must maintain a certain height level. Please contact the Town Office to discuss any placement of headstones or monuments.

No Person shall install a monument in any area within the Cemetery unless it conforms to the type and style of monument permitted to be installed in that area.