The Town of Sedgewick

Requests of Council

Getting on the Agenda
Before you request to have an item placed on the Council agenda, review the information below.

Requests of Council can occur in one of two ways:

  1. Appear as a delegation
  2. Submit a letter to Council

To appear as a delegation, go to the forms page and complete a delegation form. If you do not want to present your request to Council in-person, write a letter with your request and submit to Town office.

When are Council meetings held?
Every third Thursday of the month at 6pm in the Council Chambers at the Town administration building.

Are Council meetings open to the public?
Yes. You are welcome to attend all regular council meetings. When attending a Council meeting, please use the front door at 4818 47th Street.

What types of issues does Council consider?
Items brought to Council meetings vary. Issues may include requests to change bylaws or land zoning, petitions, or a variety of other concerns.

How do I get an item on the agenda?
Email: reception@sedgewick.ca

Write a letter or complete a delegation form and send to:
Mayor & Town Council
Town of Sedgewick
Box 129
Sedgewick, AB

Or deliver your request in person to:
4818 47th Street, Sedgewick

What should I include in my letter or e-mail to Council?
Include the date, your first and last name, your mailing address, daytime phone/cell and/or e-mail address. Outline the details of your request providing background information or any other details you feel will be helpful in presenting your information to Council.
Attach documents that may assist Council in making a decision. If your issue is land or building related, please include the street address and legal description of the property in question. Attach maps, sketches or drawings where applicable.
The CAO must receive your letter three business days before the council meeting at which you would like your item discussed. For a Thursday evening meeting, please have your letter submitted no later than 2pm on the preceding Monday afternoon. This gives the CAO time to collect additional information if required and add the issue to the agenda.

What personal information could be released in the agenda?
Letters from residents normally include personal information, such as name, address, phones numbers, and possibly opinions and other personal information. While considering the duel objectives of open government and protection of privacy, it is the practice of the Town of Sedgewick to publicly disclose this information in most cases and any concerns or expectation of redaction should be brought up with the CAO prior to the agenda package being released.

Are all requests to have an item discussed at a Council meeting granted?
Depending on the nature of the item you would like discussed, Town administration may be able to handle your request and it may not need to proceed to Council. There are also cases where a request will not be granted if a similar item has appeared on the Council agenda in the last six months.

Will I get a copy of the Council agenda before I attend the Council meeting?
Copies of the Council agenda are made available on the Town’s website the Monday afternoon prior to the Council meeting. Delegations are heard near the beginning of the meeting at 6pm. Your item will be discussed even if you do not attend the meeting.

Do I have to speak at the Council meeting?
No. However, if you wish to speak to your item please indicate your desire to speak in your letter or delegation form. If you don’t wish to make a presentation you may choose to be available to answer any questions that the Mayor or Councillors have.

Can I use audio-visual equipment for my presentation?
Yes. Contact the CAO prior to the Council meeting to advise if audio visual equipment will be required. Powerpoint presentations or similar can be provided to the CAO via a USB stick and shown on a 55″ flat screen television.

How do I begin?
Begin by stating your name and, if applicable, the name of the company or group you are representing. If several members of a group are present, one person should be appointed to act as a spokesperson for the entire group. When addressing Council remember to keep your comments brief (5 – 10 minutes) and confined to the topic.

How do I address the Mayor?
The Mayor is the Chairman of the meeting and should be addressed as “Mayor…….”, or “your Worship,…”

How do I address a Councillor?
When addressing a Councillor, the Chairman should be addressed first and then the Councillor, “Mayor…….,Councillor….” or “your Worship, Councillor ……”

Can I ask Council or the administration a question during my presentation?
If, while addressing Council, you wish to ask a question of someone in the Council Chambers, such as an individual member of Council or the city administration, please direct your question to the Chairman. The Chairman will then direct the individual concerned to respond to the question if felt it is appropriate to do so.

What do I do after my presentation?
Council may wish to ask you questions. When Council is satisfied that they have heard enough information, the Mayor will thank you for your presentation and you may exit the meeting.

When will a decision be made?
Depending on the complexity of the topic, a decision will normally be made at the Council meeting. However, there are occasions when additional information is required before Council can make an informed decision. In this event, the item will be deferred to a future Council meeting until the additional information is received. In any case, the CAO will advise you via a letter of Council’s decision with respect to your item.