The Town of Sedgewick


Learn all about the Town of Sedgewick’s rich and interesting history, and how it led to create the town it is today.

Encompassing the North Saskatchewan River Watershed in Northeast Central Alberta, the 20,000 square kilometer Kalyna Country Ecomuseum is a unique natural & heritage district. Extending east of Edmonton towards Lloydminister on the Saskatchewan border, it is a special parkland & prairies region with scenic, cultural, recreational, and natural attractions. It is where the Aspen Parkland meets the Boreal Forest, amidst thousands of hectares of prime agricultural land, all within one of the most historic regions in Alberta!

How did Sedgewick Get its Name?

The Community of Sedgewick was named after the Honorable Robert Sedgwick, judge and jurist.

Judge Sedgwick was the third son of the late Rev. Robert Sedgwick, D.D., pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia, and his wife Jessie Middleton. Born in Aberdeen, Scotland on May 10, 1848, he accompanied his parents to Canada in childhood and was educated at Dalhousie College, Halifax. He was called to the bar of Ontario in 1872, and to that of Nova Scotia in 1873. He became head of the firm of Sedgwick, Ross & Sedgwick in Halifax and speedily attained a high place in the ranks of the legal fraternity. He was prominently identified with civic affairs and in 1874 he unsuccessfully contested the Halifax seat in the Legislature. He became Deputy Minister of Justice of Canada and held that office up to his appointment as a Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of Canada in 1893.

Judge Sedgwick died in 1906, the year that the hamlet of Sedgewick came into being. — Taken from “Canadian Men and Women of the Time” Morgan 1898

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Municipality Statistics:

Incorporation as a village – 1907

Incorporation as a town – 1966

BRAED – Town of Sedgewick

Sedgewick History Book the “Sedgewick Sentinel” is available for viewing at the Sedgewick Archives

Other Interesting Milestones:

Water Service was installed in the Town in 1981.

Natural Gas Service known as Sedgewick/Killam Natural Gas System (SKNGS) was installed in 1965.

Power Lines were installed and turned on in 1953.