The Town of Sedgewick


Learn about important information on taxes, property assessments, and finance information.

Tax Payments

Property taxes are levied on May 31st of every year (or the last banking day of May) and are due in full on July 31st of every year (or the last banking day of July).

A penalty rate of 10% will be charged on outstanding taxes on August 1st. Non-receipt of a property tax notice does not exempt  property owners from a penalty due to late payment.

The Town of Sedgewick offers a monthly budget option. The monthly payment plan can be initiated as per Bylaw 541 Tax Payment & Penalty Bylaw.

Property Owners may pay Taxes online – at this time Bank of Montreal, ScotiaBank, Vision Credit Union, Alberta Treasury Branch, CIBC, RBC & TELEPAY are offering this service.

Customers can also use their online banking account to set up payments to bills@sedgewick.ca.

In the Message, please record your payment as TAX followed by the corresponding account number. The individual Tax account numbers for each property are located on the top, right of each invoice.
►Use ALL the numbers BEFORE the “space.”
►Do NOT use the numbers after the space.

Please contact the Town Office for assistance.

Quick Links:

Property Tax Bylaw
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Audited Statements

Property Assessments

Property assessment is the process of assigning a dollar value to a property for taxation purposes. In Alberta property is taxed based on the ad valorem principle. Ad valorem means “according to value.” This means that the amount of tax paid is based on the value of the property.

Property taxes are used to finance local programs and services, such as:

  • Garbage collection, disposal and retention
  • Water, sanitary sewer and storm water services
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Parks, recreation and leisure facilities
  • Police and fire protection
  • Seniors’ Foundation Housing
  • Education

Often the terms “assessment” and “taxation” are considered to be interchangeable. However, assessment and taxation are very different. Although one impacts the other, each is a distinct and independent process.

“Assessment” is the process of estimating a dollar value on a property for taxation purposes. This value is used to calculate the amount of taxes that will be charged to the owner of the property.

“Taxation” is the process of applying a tax rate to a property’s assessed value to determine the taxes payable by the owner of that property.

The Assessor for the Town of Sedgewick is:

Wainwright Assessment Group Ltd.
604 – 10 Street
Wainwright, Alberta
T9W 1E2
Phone: 780-842-5002
Fax: 780-842-5003
Email: appraisals@wainwrightassessment.ca

If you have questions about your property assessment, please contact Larry James, AMAA at Wainwright Assessment Group Ltd.