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Councillor Nolan Lewis

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Councillor Nolan Lewis was born in Prince George B.C. and raised on a farm south of Killam, Alberta. Nolan attended KPS, CHSPS and went on to Lakeland College to complete a degree as an H.E.T. A long-time resident of the area Nolan has lived in Flagstaff county for over 30 years in a few different areas and now, he currently resides with his family in Sedgewick. Nolan has played an active role in supporting his local community initiatives including sports programs, lake park initiatives, and recreational programs.

Nolan is honoured to have held a multitude of coaching positions in local sports programs where he encouraged young minds to pursue interests in the areas of education, skill development, and to develop life and leadership skills. Nolan also brings over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, service manager, and business strategist.

Nolan’s focus is to have a responsive council – one committed to advancing Sedgewick as a leader in economic development, recreational development, and regional sustainability.

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