The Town of Sedgewick

His Worship, Perry Robinson

Mayor Perry Robinson is entering his third term on Council and second consecutive term as Mayor. Perry and wife Darlene are blessed with six children, seven grandchildren (with twins on the way) and a great grand-daughter. Born in Parry Sound, Ontario, Perry has lived in the area for 37 years with 28 of those years in the Town of Sedgewick. A retired tradesman, Perry has also spent 26 years as a volunteer firefighter. Among his many accomplishments are receiving the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Canadian Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal, and the Alberta Emergency Services Medal. Perry enjoys a full life spending as much time as he can with his grandchildren and with what little time he has left he likes to spend delving into military history and gardening.

Perry cites the citizens as what he loves most about Sedgewick and their ability and willingness to support the community as a whole through good times and tough times. Over the next four years, Perry plans on concentrating on quality of life issues for residents which includes:

  • a new residential subdivision phase
  • upgrading and renewing downtown infrastructure
  • filling the new Prairie Rose Place self-contained seniors unit and lobbying for Phase II
  • partnering with neighbours on economic development issues
  • encourage third-party initiatives such as the spray park
  • advance the many amenities we currently have such as the Lake Park, rec centre, golf course, walking trails and other sports facilities
  • attract new residents and witness our community realize its great potential

Grant Imlah

Councillor Grant Imlah was born in Victoria, BC but has lived in Sedgewick for the last 21 years. Grant has three children with his wife Lynnette and works as a mechanical lead with Gibson Energy. His goals for the term are to complete a new subdivision and other important infrastructure upgrades in town. He likes to spend his free time camping and loves the abundance of recreational opportunities that Sedgewick offers.

Stephen Levy

Councillor Stephen Levy is returning for another term as Councillor and has resided in Sedgewick for the last 6 years. Stephen was born in London, Ontario and has mainly worked within the fields of personnel management and public relations. He has also been responsible for a web e-commerce start up and has been a commercial AC radio announcer. Issues that he holds close to his heart for this term include infrastructure assessment and replacement, preparing for new development and inter-municipal transit. Stephen appreciates the people of Sedgewick and the fact that the community is so tight-knit and community minded.

Tim Schmutz

A resident of Sedgewick for 41 years and born in Viking, Councillor Tim Schmutz has four children. Tim works as a Field Production Operator and spends as much of his free time as he can outdoors and with his children. He loves to hunt, fish and coach softball. Tim is committed to continue helping Sedgewick grow, focusing on new development and improving the quality of life for residents. Tim feels that he couldn’t have picked a better place to raise his family due to the fact that Sedgewick is a close-knit community with citizens with strong minds and great opinions.

Greg Sparrow

Councillor Greg Sparrow has lived in Sedgewick his entire life and is the owner/operator of a local line-locating business. His past experience also includes owning an anchor oilfield business and a clothing business in Sedgewick. Greg is married to wife Theresa and has two children. His goals for the next term are many and include developing a new subdivision, refurbishing downtown and replacing the remaining underground infrastructure in town. Greg is also very involved in recreation and plans to put plenty of support behind the rec centre, golf course and Sedgewick Lake Park and to find ways to better support the town’s volunteers. Greg loves to travel, golf, curl and fly his airplane and loves living in Sedgewick because of how the community pulls together for projects that better the town.