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Sedgewick Arena Re-opened for Public Use

The hockey arena at the Wild Rose Co-op Recreation Centre in Sedgewick was officially re-opened to the public after Town Council passed a resolution to do so at a special meeting held on January 29th, 2020.

The rink was suddenly closed on December 9th when information was brought to Council showing a large amount of corrosion on the structure’s purlins which run in a north-south direction in the facility.  After bringing in three engineers to look at the issue, Council decided on a solution that commenced on January 7th and took less than 3 weeks to complete.  Forty-two galvanized purlins have been added to the roof structure reducing the purlin spacing from 5 feet to 2.5 feet which also brings the snow load capacity up to current standards.  A permanent fix of replacing the roof which is at the end of its life cycle and adding sufficient ventilation are being planned for a future off-season.  Thickness reviews of the purlins that were not reinforced will be ongoing. 

With the facility resuming operations, the 6th Annual Bergie Tourney will proceed as scheduled beginning on February 1st.  The arena will also play host to the Atom ‘A’ Provincial Championships in March and Gord Bamford’s #REDNECK Musicfest in April.

Special Meeting of Council

A special meeting of Council has been called by the mayor for 4pm on Wednesday, January 29th. All Council meetings are held in council chambers at the Town of Sedgewick Administration office. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the final inspection of the hockey arena roof.

January Regular Council Meeting

The regular meeting of Council for January has been rescheduled and will take place on January 30th, 2020 at 6pm in Council Chambers.

Council Approves Arena Roof Fix

Sedgewick Town Council approved a temporary fix to the arena roof issue at a special meeting held on December 30th. The job was awarded to Premier Fire and Flood Restoration Inc. who will manage the project and work with Phoenix Roofing and a structural engineer to add additional purlins that will allow for the arena to open for full use in a matter of weeks. The work is designed to bring the structure up to current Alberta Building Code standards of allowing for a load of 34 pounds per square foot (psf) versus 29 psf which was code when the rink was built in 1992.

Council expects the temporary fix to be a part of the permanent solution which will be planned to align with a future off-season when the arena would have less users. It is unknown at this point when these permanent repairs will be made as it will be largely dependent on ability to finance the project as well as regular monitoring/testing of the purlins.

The current repairs, that are budgeted to come in under $250,000, are expected to commence on January 7th and could take as little as three weeks to complete. This would allow for the arena to reopen in early February with the facility continuing to be used in March as a host site for the Atom ‘A’ Provincial Championships as well as for the #REDNEK MusicFest concert starring Gord Bamford in April.

Council Highlights from Dec. 19th, 2019

Council weighed in on the following issues at their December 19th, 2019 regular meeting.


Hockey Arena Roof Update

Members of Town Council, the Recreation Board and the Sedgewick Agricultural Society along with arena and Town staff met with a manager of Structural Engineering from Associated Engineering earlier today in regards to the concerns over the arena’s roof. Earlier this week, the engineer provided a recommendation to the Town to close the arena to the public due to a loss of strength within the most central purlins attributed to corrosion. Those in attendance were able to quiz the engineer on his interpretation of the data and how he came to his conclusion. The engineer also explained the design constraints of the arena based on his study of the “as-built” drawings that will most likely play a large factor in how the issue is rectified. With 9 sections of purlins tested, it was found that they showed almost uniform reduction in thickness of up to 25%. The engineer stated that had the results shown a 3-4% discrepancy, the closure of the arena would not have been necessary however with the data he was provided from testing, his firm had no choice. The main girders were not part of the initial test as there was little visible corrosion identified on them.
The identified next steps are to have further testing performed to include all purlins as well as the main girders that are positioned in the areas showing the most corrosion. Qualimet Inc., the company that performed the initial testing, will return as quickly as possible to complete these tests, however no timeline has yet been provided for their arrival. Over the next few days Associated Engineering will continue to review drawings and obtain information on the design of the pre-engineered bays so as to be able to work towards the quickest and most cost-effective solution.
In the meantime, the Town has reached out to other experts in order to garner a second and third opinion on the condition of the structure. On-site meetings will take place over the next several days in an effort to leave no stone unturned towards returning the arena to full operation mode as soon as possible.
A timeline on the discovery of the degree of corrosion to the arena’s purlins is as follows:
In 2018 the Town began discussions with Premier Fire and Flood Restoration in regards to solving a long-term issue of a leaky roof at the arena. The company was recommended to the Town as a cost-effective way to investigate a long-standing issue. The company recommended a roof inspection and water test be done to identify the issue at hand. In fall 2019, the company was hired to perform the remediation of Sedgewick Public School after a fire broke out in the building in August. It was at this time that the company provided a quote to inspect the roof as they were already stationed in Sedgewick along with their sub-contractors.
On October 24th, Phoenix Roofing, a sub-contractor to Premier Fire and Flood Restoration, attended the arena and inspected the roof from above to identify the source of the leaks. The sub-contractor then inspected the roof from ground level inside the arena and at that time noticed the level of corrosion on some of the arena’s purlins. The advice of the sub-contractor was to immediately test the purlins before investigating or putting funds towards fixing the leaking roof.
On October 28th, the Manager of Structural Engineering from Associated Engineering attended for the purpose of providing a second opinion. The engineer provided the Town with the same advice to test the purlins for strength and connected the Town with a company that specializes in this type of testing.
Qualimet Inc. performed testing on December 4th and results were received on December 9th. After viewing the results, the structural engineer made the recommendation on the 9th to close the arena. A special meeting of Council was called for 4pm on the 9th and at that time Council unanimously approved a motion to temporarily close the arena until further notice.

Sedgewick Council Forced to Close Arena

The Council of the Town of Sedgewick has approved the temporary closure of the arena at the Wild Rose Co-op Recreation Centre due to excessive corrosion of the roof’s purlins.  Purlins refer to roof framing members that span parallel to the building eaves and support the roof.  The Town recently engaged the services of an engineering firm to conduct tests after a noticeable amount of rust was identified on some of the purlins.

Prior to making their decision, Council reviewed the technical report provided to them which showed the center purlins having a 25% reduction in strength as well as a recommendation from a structural engineer advising to immediately close the facility.  Council also discussed the 2014 roof collapse of a curling rink in Drayton Valley and the 2018 roof collapse of the City of Calgary’s Fairview Arena which triggered city-wide arena inspections prior to making their decision.

Council is diligently engaging all avenues to mitigate the issue as safely and quickly as possible. Mayor Perry Robinson stated “as it is Council’s #1 priority to secure the safety and well-being of our citizens, we are left with no other choices in the end.” Programming at the arena will be moved to neighboring facilities in the interim.  Further information will be released to the public upon availability.

November 21st Regular Council Meeting

Council addressed the following items at their November 21st regular council meeting:


October 17, 2019 Council Meeting

Council addressed the following items during the regular Council meeting;

Traffic Bylaw 564

Council endorsed final readings to Traffic Bylaw 564; available on sedgewick.ca

Recreation Funding Committee – Phase II Funding

Council approved the allocation of $4,016 to the Sedgewick Community Hall Association and $4,174 to the Sedgewick Lake Park Association for Phase II funding.

FortisAB – 2020 Electric Franchise Fee

Council approved an increase of the FortisAB Electric Franchise Fee from 8 to 9% for 2020.

Parkland Regional Library – 2020 Budget

Council approved the Parkland Regional Library 2020 budget, as presented, with a requisition of $6,935.05 to the Town of Sedgewick.

2127358 AB LTD – Conditional Development Permit

Development Permit 2019-16 for Plan 9023092, Block J, Lots A & B was conditionally approved to permit:

  • A Change of Use – to a caretaker’s residence
  • No requirement to separate the street from off-street parking facilities with a 1.0 meter-wide landscaped area.

3-Year Tax Agreement

Council authorized Administration to enter into a 3-year tax agreement regarding Tax Roll#20009095-300, with specific terms.

FIP – Management Model

Council approved the recommendation of the Flagstaff Intermunicipal Partnership Committee to eliminate the FIP Committee and split those responsibilities among municipalities with current operations to wind up no later than December 31, 2019.

Municipal Collaboration – Community Peace Officer Program

Council directed Administration to budget $6,500 in capital and $23,200 in operating costs in 2020 for the Community Peace Officer Program to be reviewed further upon the presentation of the 2020 budget to Council.

October 17, 2019 Council Organization Meeting

Deputy Mayor Appointment

Councillor Tim Schmutz was appointed as Deputy Mayor effective immediately, to continue through to the Organizational meeting in October 2020.

Board & Committee Appointments

Councillor’s appointments to the boards and committees were approved; a list of the appointments is available on the Town website.

Council Meetings

The monthly council meetings will continue to be held on the third Thursday of each month, beginning at 6:00 pm.