The Town of Sedgewick

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Notice of Assessment Date

Today, June 8th, is the notice of assessment date as set by the Town’s assessor. Combined tax and assessment notices were sent out to property owners on May 31st. If you have not received yours, it is important that you call our office at (780) 384-3504.

If you are not happy with the assessed value of your property, complete a Property Assessment Request for Information form and our assessor will review and look for errors. If you are still not satisfied, you can start the appeal process by completing an Assessment Review Board Complaint prior to the deadline of August 8th.

A complaint fee of $50 per roll number is required for LARB (residential) complaints and $650 per roll number for CARB (non-residential) complaints. Fees are refunded should the board make a decision in your favour.

The clerk will assist you on how to prepare for the hearing. You are responsible for gathering information proving your assessment is unfair or inaccurate. This would include using similar comparison properties to make your case.

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