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Council Releases 2022-26 Strategic Plan

On December 2nd, 2021, Sedgewick Town Council met to discuss their strategic plan moving forward.  The plan was approved unanimously on February 17th, 2022 at a regular meeting of Council.  Click below to download the full PDF document.

The full plan can be viewed at the following link:

2022 Strategic Plan PDF

Vision Statement:

“Quality of Life…. at every stage of life!”

Mission Statement:

“To preserve and enhance our resident’s collective quality of life by making Sedgewick a desirable and safe place in which to live, work, shop, study, play, raise a family and grow old.

We are a progressive community poised for growth!”



6 Keys to Success:

ADVOCATING for the quality of life of our residents.”

CONNECTING with neighbours when opportunity exists to improve quality of life.”

DELIVERING a fiscally responsible level of service that ensures quality of life.”

ENABLING the volunteer sector in making contributions to our quality of life.”

INVITING others to share in our quality of life.”

GROWING as a community so future generations can enjoy a similar quality of life.”

Following are the 2022 Strategic Priorities as set by Council:

  • Priority I – Sell Sedgewick
  • Priority II – Infrastructure Maintenance and Rehabilitation
  • Priority III – Communications
  • Priority IV – Intermunicipal Initiatives
  • Priority V – Recreation
  • Priority VI – Business Growth and Development

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