The Town of Sedgewick

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Safety First Muirhead Ltd.

4601 – 49 Street, Hardisty, AB

Phone: 780-384-3601
24-Hours: 1-888-384-3601
Fax: 780-888-3956
Email: safetyadmin@safetyfirstm.com

Safety First Muirhead Ltd Website

Owner: Jonathan Muirhead


  • Safety: Turnarounds, Completions, Decommissioning, Hot & Cold Tie-ins, Service & Drilling Rigs, Production Testing & Plant & Pipeline Construction
  • Medical: All staff are trained with a minimum of EMR, WHMIS, TDG, Emergency First Aid, Petroleum Safety Training (PST), H2S Alive and Confined Space Rescue Level I & II.
  • Courses: On-site courses: Enform H2S, St. Johns First Aid, Confined Space,  Global Ground Disturbance, Fall Protection, ACSA Flag Person, Skidsteer Operator, ATV/UTV Training & Arial Platform Training as well as a variety of online courses.
  • Occupational Testing: Urine Testing, Hair Follicle Testing, Breath Alcohol Testing, Saliva Testing, Audiometric Testing, Spirometry Testing, Vision Testing, Fit Testing & Medicals
  • Fire Extinguishers:Annual Maintenance, Rentals & Sales
  • Equipment Rentals: Air Trailers, Office Trailers with A/C, Multi-Range Gas Monitors, Mesh Guard Systems, Benzene detection and N.O.R.M.S detection, Breathing Air Rentals SCBA & SABA, and Tripod & SRL Radios

Retail – SFM Work Wear on their website and in the store.

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