The Town of Sedgewick

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Town Under Watering Restriction

A Special Outdoor Water Restriction has been declared by the Public Works Foreman as of Sunday, May 16th. A restriction is put in place as per Bylaw 542 when the Foreman believes there is a reason to require reduced water usage. Low reservoir levels at the water treatment plant on the 16th was the cause of the restriction. The restriction applies to all properties connected to the Town’s domestic water system, whether inside or outside town limits.

A declaration of a Special Outdoor Water Restriction includes a restriction on the following activities:

Watering of lawns
Use of garden hoses
Filling pools and hot tubs
Use of water dispensing recreational toys

Notification of the ban has been published on the Town’s social media accounts as well as a poster at the Canada Post Office. When a special outdoor water restriction is in effect, no owner or occupier of a residence shall allow the use of water supplied through the municipal water system for any activity as outlined in the declaration.

The Outdoor Watering Bylaw allows for regular outdoor watering restrictions between the months of June and October. During these months, outdoor watering is only permitted between 5pm and 10am.

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