The Town of Sedgewick

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We need your help!

Residents of Sedgewick, USERS OF INTERNET, we need your help!

The expectation of readily available and reliable internet has become as common as three square meals a day. The Town of Sedgewick has taken initiative in 2020 to provide faster speeds for our residents by providing our own internet service using our own infrastructure.

We are currently investigating going further by installing a fiber network that will rival speeds in our nation’s biggest cities. But, we need your help.

The Federal Government is currently offering grant funding to communities that are not achieving the 50mbps download, 10mbps upload basic mandated requirement. Sedgewick is currently considered as a community that achieves these speeds… but we know that is not true! We can still qualify for the grant if we can PROVE that we are not unilaterally achieving the 50/10 mbsp speeds.

Although we know some residents do surpass these basic requirements, many of you don’t. For the ones that don’t, you can help us by performing a speed test, taking a screen shot, filling out this short form and submitting both to the office by January 15th. You may drop it off or email to reception@sedgewick.ca

Please note that the speed test must occur either between 9am and 4pm or 7pm to 11pm. Speed tests done outside this time frame will not qualify.

To take a speed test simply use one of the following sites:




Or use a test from a provider such as Telus, Shaw, Bell, etc.

With enough feedback from our residents, we can show that we should qualify for the grant and move forward with the fiber project at no cost to the Town!

Each speed test measurement should indicate the following:
 Internet service provider’s name;
 GPS coordinates of the speed test (latitude/longitude);
 Civic address;
 Last mile technology;
 Subscribed download service package;
 Subscribed upload service package;
 Measured download speed;
 Measured upload speed;
 Date and time of test and measurement.

In order to substantiate the speed test results, screen captures must be provided as acceptable evidence to demonstrate the requirements mentioned above.

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