The Town of Sedgewick

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January 24, 2019 Council Meeting Highlights

Council addressed the following items at the January 24th Regular Council Meeting

Bylaw 545 – Recreation Funding Committee (RFC) Bylaw

Rescinds RFC Bylaw 524. New bylaw identifies the purpose of the Committee in simple terms and specifies that the status of the RFC is contingent upon an agreement between the Sedgewick&  District Agricultural Society and the Town. See full context of Bylaw 545 on the Town website: www.sedgewick.ca

Bylaw 552 – Town of Sedgewick Borrowing Bylaw

Council provided first reading to Bylaw 552, the Town of Sedgewick Borrowing Bylaw in the amount of $1.5 Million for the purpose of revitalizing Main Street (47th Street) which includes replacement of sanitary sewer mains, pavement, sidewalks, light fixtures and other landscaping items. View Bylaw 552 on the Town website.

Policy 19-12 – Expenditure and Procurement Policy

Council approved Policy 19-12, the Expenditure and Procurement Policy that provides protocols for how municipal purchases can be made and how to deal with unbudgeted expenses. View Policy 19-12 on the Town website.

Policy 17-02 – Human Resources Policy

Council approved revisions to Policy 17-02, the Human Resources Policy which included policy direction on Cannabis in the workplace and the addition of the Employee Family Assistance Program. View Revised Policy 17-02 on the Town website.

Street Naming

Council approved that the new 54th Avenue Residential Subdivision cul-de-sac will be named “Fairways West.”

Flagstaff Regional Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

Council approved the re-appointment of Leslie Cholowsky to the Flagstaff Regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board for a three-year term expiring in January 2022. (See Bylaw 489 – the Flagstaff Regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Bylaw on the Town website.)

Regional Fire Services Business Plan

Council approved the Regional Fire Services Business Plan, in principle and further, approved the establishment of a Regional Fire Services Society and appoint Clr. Imlah as a representative with Mayor Robinson as an alternate on the Committee.

February Council Meeting Rescheduled

Council approved the postponement of the Regular February Council meeting from February 21st to February 26th.

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