The Town of Sedgewick

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December 20th, 2018 Council Meeting Highlights

Council addressed the following items at the December 20th, 2018 Council Meeting:

Bylaw 547 – Amendment #12 to Land Use Bylaw 461

Council approved Amendment #12 to Land Use Bylaw 461. See the complete bylaw on the Town website.

Bylaw 548 – Boulevard Bylaw

Council approved Boulevard Bylaw 548 that rescinded Boulevard Bylaw 547. See the complete Bylaw on the Town website.

Bylaw 550 – Cemetery Bylaw

Council approved Cemetery Bylaw 550 that combined the components of and, rescinded Cemetery Bylaw 519 and Cremation Bylaw 493. See the complete Bylaw on the Town’s website.

Bylaw 551 – Hawkers’ & Peddlers’ Bylaw

Council approved Hawkers’ & Peddlers’ Bylaw 551 that rescinded previous Hawkers’ & Peddlers’ Bylaw 484. See the complete Bylaw on the Town website.

Policy 18-10 Municipal Lot Purchase Policy

Council approved Policy 18-10, the Municipal Land Purchase Policy. See Policy 18-10 on the Town website.

Policy 18-11 Reserve Fund Policy

Council approved Reserve Fund Policy 18-11 that establishes guidelines for the accumulation, maintenance and use of the Town’s Reserve Funds. See Policy 18-11 on the Town website.

2019 SKNGS Budget

Council approved the Sedgewick-Killam Natural Gas System Board’s 2019 Budget as presented with no significant changes to the budget relative to 2018.

Landfill Reserve Transferred

Council directed the transfer of $11,331 from the Landfill Reserve (#49743100) to the Sewer Infrastructure Reserve (#49742901).

2019 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Priorities

Council approved, as a first priority for sewer rehabilitation to be completed in 2019, the following streets:

  • The 4900 & 5000 Blocks of 47th Street
  • The 4900 Block of 48th Street
  • The 4800 Block of 49th Street

 2019 FFCS Budget

Council approved the Flagstaff Family & Community Services Board 2019 Budget which results in the same requisition to the Town of Sedgewick as the 2018 Budget.

2019 BEO Contract

Council directed Administration to enter into a contract with NIC.212 Services Ltd. to provide bylaw enforcement services and authorized Mr. Daryl Reinke to enforce Town of Sedgewick municipal bylaws in 2019.

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