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Flagstaff Waste – Recycling Program Changes

New/Revised Recycling Program Rolling Into Sedgewick!

Flagstaff Waste is hoping to deliver all the new bins required for the new Recycling Program by October 15th. A Marketing Campaign to highlight the program changes has been appearing in the Community Press the last few weeks. You can read them here: Community Press Published Recycling Information

The success of the Recycling Program is dependent on the Users. Residents are encouraged to explore the information provided, in order to be more informed and to have a better understanding of the program.

Flagstaff Waste has produced several graphics to assist residents. Please feel free to download, print and use these graphics as you see fit.

Bin Graphics
Office Paper Bin
Newsprint Only Bin
Tin Cans Only Bin
Cardboard Boxes & Boxboard Only Bin

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