The Town of Sedgewick

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September 20, 2018 Council Meeting Highlights

Council discussed the following issues at their September 20, 2018 regular Council Meeting.

Bylaw 544 – Amendment #6 to LUB#461

A Public Hearing was held at 6 pm; there were no written or verbal responses received regarding Bylaw 544. Council endorsed second and third readings to the Bylaw which addressed “Section 14. Fees.” Read the entire Bylaw at www.sedgewick.ca

Main Street Revitalization Design

Council directed Administration to have Main Street renderings produced that would omit a center promenade and include wider sidewalks, bulbs at pedestrian crossings and ornamentation on the sidewalks.

2019 FortisAB Franchise Agreement Fee

Council filed the information on a revision to the FortisAB Electric Franchise Fee rate for information; there will be no change to the 2019 Electric Franchise Fees in Sedgewick.

Recreation Funding Committee Bylaw 545

Council gave first reading to Bylaw 545, the Recreation Funding Committee Bylaw which would direct the Town to enter into a Recreation Funding Agreement with the Sedgewick & District Agricultural Society to administer the Flagstaff County annual Recreation grant. Read the Draft Bylaw in the Bylaw Library.

Parade Float Design

Council approved a parade float design but postponed its production to the 2020 budget preparations.

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