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Council Looking for Resident’s Feedback on Main Street

Sedgewick Town Council has been working hard in 2018 on a number of capital projects. One of these is the revitalization of 47th Street (Main Street).

Council has engaged a designer to prepare renderings for a preliminary concept of Main Street. The design team was instructed to consider the following goals:

  • to transform Main Street into a memorable and attractive destination using contemporary design and ideas
  • to create opportunities for people to spend time downtown and to enhance user experience
  • to prioritize pedestrians in the design and increase the walk-ability of downtown
  • to diversify amenities to cover the demographic of the Town of Sedgewick
  • to build with quality in mind to ensure sustainability for future generations
  • to increase the safety of pedestrian crossings
  • to include potential to close the street in order to host major events
  • to maintain ample parking

The developed ‘first concept’ is available for viewing at the Town Office at 4818 47th Street.  Residents are encouraged to visit during normal working hours to view the renderings and provide input through sticky notes or a suggestion box.  An Open House will be held in mid-September for those that would like to discuss the proposed design further with their Councillors.  Date, time and location of the Open House is to be determined and will be announced shortly.  Main Street businesses will receive special invites to the Open House.

Council needs your feedback and would like to remind residents that this is an initial concept meant to invoke discussion.  What are your ideas for Main Street?  How can we best transform Main Street into a destination that will match the spirit of our residents?  Please share your comments so that Council can get this right!

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