The Town of Sedgewick

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March 22nd, 2018 Council Highlights

Council discussed the following issues at their regular Council meeting held on March 22nd, 2018.

March 22, 2018 Council Meeting Highlights

Respectful Workplace Policy

Council adopted a Respectful Workplace Policy that is meant to ensure a healthy workplace environment for Councillors, Board members, Staff and Volunteers. The policy defines and provides guidelines for investigating inappropriate behaviour in the workplace or by individuals associated with the Town and possible penalties.

Code of Conduct Bylaw

Council approved the Code of Conduct Bylaw, pursuant to section 46.1(1) of the Modernized Municipal Government Act.  The bylaw governs the conduct of councillors and board members and outlines appropriate behaviour and actions of Councillors and Board Members as well as protocols to aid in compliance.

Snow Removal Policy

Council approved the Snow Removal Policy that describes the priorities and procedures of the Town with regards to snow removal from roads, sidewalks and trails.

Addition of one Lot to Phase I of the 54th Street Residential Subdivision

Council approved the inclusion of one additional lot (Lot #14) to increase the scope of Phase I from 12 to 13 lots. In the February 15, 2018 Council meeting, Council approved proceeding with Phase I of a proposed 12 lot residential subdivision.

Spruce Drive Subdivision Utility Servicing

Council approved the inclusion of an Engineering Tabletop Evaluation in the 2018 Operating Budget to evaluate the Town of Sedgewick sanitary sewer system capacity.

Electronic LED Sign on Highway 13

Council approved the construction and installation of a 22’ high pylon sign with an 8’ x 4’ full-color LED messaging center to be located on Highway 13. The pylon sign will also feature advertising space with revenue put towards financing the sign.  Further, Council approved an agreement with 1410521 Alberta Ltd. to encroach on their property for the purpose of erecting the pylon sign and has received permission from Alberta Transportation to install the sign.

Walking Trail Lighting

Council approved the addition of the installation of Walking Path Lighting to the 2018 Capital Budget.  The lighting will encompass the entire length of the newest portion of the walking trail that was completed in 2016 and surrounds the recreation grounds.  The lighting will be LED and motion sensors will also contribute to its efficiency.

Recreation Centre Naming Rights

Council approved an agreement with Performance Sponsorship Group for a term of three months, to sell corporate sponsorship within the Town’s recreational facilities and naming rights.

Assessment Services Agreement

Council approved to enter into a three-year agreement for assessment services with Wainwright Assessment Group Ltd.  The current agreement with Wainwright Assessment Group ends this month.

Flagstaff Regional Emergency Services Business Plan

Council approved the draft Flagstaff Regional Emergency Services Society Business Plan as presented.  The Emergency Services Committee is currently accepting feedback from Councils prior to completing the final plan.

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