The Town of Sedgewick

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Council Highlights for Dec. 21st, 2017

Following are a list of highlights from the December 21st, 2017 regular meeting of Council.

Bylaw No. 534, an Amendment to Land Use Bylaw #461

Council gave first reading to Bylaw No. 534, an Amendment to Land Use Bylaw #461.  The Bylaw would rezone Plan 8221051, Block 31, Lot 5 from “I” Industrial District to “C1” Commercial Central District.  The Public Hearing will take place on January 18th at 6pm at the Town office.

2018 Sedgewick Library Budget

Council approved the 2018 library budget as presented which includes a $7500 operational grant from the Town of Sedgewick which is an increase of 7% from 2017.

2018 Recreation Centre Budget

Council approved the 2018 Recreation Centre budget as presented which includes a 4.5% increased cost to operations.

Bylaw No. 536, Fees and Charges Bylaw

Council gave first, second and third reading to Bylaw 536, the Fees and Charges Bylaw.  The Bylaw calls for a 10% increase to water and sewer charges and an 8% increase to solid waste removal as the rates have not been changed in a number of years.  Administration charges, cemetery fees and equipment rental were also increased.  The false fire alarm charge was decreased from $300 to $250 and there will be no charge for medical assists in 2018.

Bylaw Enforcement Services

Council renewed a contract with NIC.212 Services to provide bylaw enforcements services to the Town of Sedgewick.  The estimated cost for 2018 is $8000.

Emergency Services Committee – Request for Funding

Council approved providing up to $2200 in funding for implementation costs of a new Regional Emergency Services Society in the event that an Alberta Community Partnership grant for the same project is unsuccessful.

Human Resources Policy

Council approved an amended Human Resources Policy which would reflect changes made to the Alberta Employment Standards Code as of January 1st, 2018.

2018 Operational Budget

Council approved an operational budget for 2018 with total expenses budgeted at $1,972,405.  Required funding by taxes is estimated at $794,200 whereas in 2017 it was $798,434.  The budget is expected to be revised in the spring once assessment is completed.

2018 Capital Budget

Council approved a $4.677 million capital budget for 2018.  Included are replacement of water and sewer infrastructure, Main Street revitalization and Phase I of a new subdivision.  Of the total amount $2.377 million is expected to be funded through grants, $1.363 million by reserves and the remainder by debenture.

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