The Town of Sedgewick

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Town Hands Out Long Service Awards

The Town of Sedgewick honoured staff and volunteer firefighters with long-service awards last week.  Plaques commemorating between 5 and 25 years of service were handed out by Sedgewick Mayor, Perry Robinson at the Town’s annual year-end Christmas party.

Recipients included:

Rob McArthur (15 years-fire), Garry Klein (25 years-fire), Daryl Johnson (15 years-public works), Joe Hebert (10 years-fire), Cory Gagnon (15 years-fire), Eldon Sutter (15 years-fire), Ted Djos (10 years-fire), James Steil (10 years-fire), Perry Robinson (25 years-fire), Rick Sutter (25 years-fire), Rob Djos (5 years-fire).

Not pictured is Tyson Armitage (5 years-fire)

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