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November 16th, 2017 Council Meeting Highlights

Flagstaff Family and Community Services – 2018 Budget

Council approved the 2018 FCSS budget with a requisition of $8.70 per capita.

Bylaw 535/17 – Procedural Bylaw

Council gave first reading to Bylaw 535/17, the Procedural Bylaw.

Levels of Service Document 2017/18

Council reviewed and accepted as information a “Levels of Service” document which outlined the current service levels of the Town of Sedgewick.  Council will use the document for planning purposes in their Strategic Priorities meeting in December.

Sedgewick Killam Natural Gas System – 2018 Budget

Council approved the 2018 SKNGS budget (Draft #2) estimating a net profit of $17,450.

Council also approved using the Gas Alberta Refund of $15,855.38 to pay any overages towards the Trans Canada integrity check completed in the summer of 2017 and place the remainder into capital reserves.

Policy 17/01 – Health and Wellness Program Policy

Council approved Policy 17/01 which provides for a maximum annual allowance of $750 to permanent staff members to put towards fitness or recreation activities or equipment to increase the well-being of staff.  The budget for the program in 2018 is $3300.  The policy replaces the previous health and wellness program which in 2017 had a budgeted amount of $7680.

Staff Christmas Bonus

Council approved a $500 Christmas bonus for full-time staff and a prorated percentage of $500 for part-time staff based off of hours of work relative to a 35 hour/week position.  The total cost of Christmas bonuses in 2017 will be $2360.


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