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August 24th, 2017 Council Meeting Highlights

AMSC Rebate Contest

Council approved putting a rebate of $262 from AMSC towards the purchase of a community BBQ to directly benefit the community.  The Town will be entered into the AUMA Rebate Contest with the winners receiving a free AUMA convention registration worth $700.

Recreation Board Bylaw

Council gave first, second, and third reading for Bylaw 532/17, the Town of Sedgewick Recreation Board Bylaw.  The Bylaw formally establishes membership, powers, duties and limitations of the Recreation Board.

FRSWMA Membership Agreement

Council approved a membership agreement between the Town of Sedgewick and the Flagstaff Regional Solid Waste Management Association.

Solid Waste Bylaw

Council gave first reading to Bylaw 533/17, the Solid Waste Bylaw.  The Bylaw sets standards for the following:

  • Requirement of all solid waste to be placed in receptacles with properly fitted covers.
  • Proper placement of receptacles put out for collection.
  • Upkeep of receptacles.
  • Parameters of yard waste collection.
  • Enforcement of the Bylaw and associated penalties.

Development Permit Application

Council cancelled Development Permit 2017-05 and approved Permit 2017-07 allowing for a variance on the height of a maintenance shop expansion and office building to 11.5 meters.

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