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Council Highlight – Council approves the 2024 Operation and Capital Budget

The 2024 Final Operating and Capital Budget has been approved by the Council. Administration has minimized the impact of the Tax Rate on the residences and business community by a 2% increase in the Tax levy based on the increase in the assessment roll and an increase to the minimum tax rate from $1000 to $1050. The mill rate for the 2024 taxation year will remain consistent.

In a review of the Capital Projects in Q1 2024, pending a final report, there is a requirement for further review in Q3 for additional discussions on a five-year capital plan. For the current 2024 Capital budget, it was identified that several asphalt overlays are required. Administration has advised that a proposed overlay project should move forward for the 2024 Capital Budget Year. Funding for this project will come from the existing grant programs.

Council Highlight – Seniors Week 2024 Community Declaration

Stay Tune for more annoucements….

Council Highlight – No Change to the Mill Rate in the Town of Sedgewick

Council and administration confirmed that the mill rate for both Commercial and Residential properties will remain the same in 2024. An increase to the assessment roll provides a modest 2% overall increase within the budget, keeping the Town of Sedgewick in the right fiscal spending balance and conditions to meet the community’s needs.

Council Highlight – New Town Office Hours 2024

On December 21st, 2024, at the Regular Schedule Council meeting, Council approved a condensed workweek schedule for the Town Office Hours. The Town of Sedgewick Office hours will be adjusted to Monday to Thursday, 8:30 to 4:30 pm, opening during the lunch hours. The Town Office will be closed on Fridays. This condensed work week will not affect normal Public Works operational hours. The Town of Sedgewick Public Works Emergency phone number will remain 780-384-3911 during all hours of operations and weekends.

Council Highlight – 2024 Fees and Charges Bylaw

On December 21st, at the Regular Schedule Council meeting, Council passed the New Fees and Charges Bylaw to take effect on January 1st, 2024. There is no planned increase in the Water and Sewer cubic meter consumption rates in 2024, nor any increase in the bulk water and the recreation and culture fee. To facilitate the Town of Sedgewick’s overall operations, the recommended changes are to increase flat rate infrastructure fees and maintenance fees and introduce a Gas Distribution monthly fee on all monthly Utility billings, which will increase the average utility fees by $15.00 per month.

Council Highlight – Interim 2024 Budget

On December 21st, at the Regular Schedule Council meeting, Council approved the Interim 2023 Operating Budget at $3,063,892 with amortization ( a non-cash item) and proposed transfers. Council is reviewing the possible Tax levy increase of 3% overall but has directed the administration to continue to find efficiencies and savings within the 2024 budget. The final capital and operational budget will be reviewed in May 2024 with the setting of the Tax Rate Bylaw.

Council Highlight – Animal Control Bylaw Enforcement

On December 21, 2023, it was confirmed that bylaw enforcement had concluded serval cases with the voluntary removal of several dogs from the Town limits. Council is committed to the enforcement of animal control bylaws within the community and has advised the administration to increase the legal budget for prosecution in 2024 for future violations. Residents are encouraged to register their dogs before January 31st, 2024, to ensure they receive the 50% discount for registration. After January 31st, 2024, full rates apply

Brasstactics Eager to Rip Up 47th Street

With the Flagstaff Fresh Market set to touch down on 47th Street in Sedgewick this Thursday, Edmonton’s premier brass band the Brasstactics are gearing up to bring their patented craziness to our beautiful Main Street. Playing everything from AC/DC to Dr. Dre, the band aims to provide a crash course in human culture and are always on the search for a new venue in which to demonstrate their skills.

Main Street will be closed to vehicular traffic at 12pm with setup of the market to be ongoing throughout the afternoon. A huge number of vendors have signed up to take part in the event which proved to be very successful in the past.

The Town of Sedgewick will be sponsoring free caricature sketches drawn by one of Alberta’s premier caricature artists. Drawings will be available between 4pm and 6pm only and will be drawn on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Vendors will be ready to sell at 4pm sharp and the market will go on until 7pm.

August 18th, 2022 Council Meeting Highlights

DEVELOPMENT PERMIT 22-08 – 07; 03; 992 2523

Acting in their role as the Municipal Planning Commission, members of Council approved Development Permit 2022-08 with no further conditions for the construction of a commercial

pole shed as an accessory building within the Light Industrial Business District on lands legally described as Plan 992 2523; Block 03; Lot 07.


Council approved Policy 22-21, the Property Damage or Injury Compensation Policy, as presented.  The purpose of the policy is to establish that any payment in respect of property damage or bodily injury made by the Town of Sedgewick is contingent upon the Town being determined to be legally liable.


Council approved Policy 22-22, the Policy and Bylaw Review Policy, as presented.  The purpose of the policy is to provide the best understanding of the intent of Council through the periodic review of its Policies and Bylaws.


Council approved an amended and updated version of the 2022 Capital Budget.  The changes include an increase to the budget for replacing the raw water lines at the water treatment plant and $80,000 for water valve repairs.


Council approved that a job description be prepared for a third public works position and be brought back to Council for review with the cost of the position to be included in the preparation of the 2023 operating budget.