The Town of Sedgewick

Strategic Objectives

Learn about the Town of Sedgewick’s strategic objectives and plans.

Vision Statement:

“We are an engaging, dynamic community welcoming families and businesses…it has to be experienced!”

Mission Statement:

“Provide active leadership to promote an engaged forward thinking community in an ever changing world.”

Values Statement:

“To listen and engage with an open mind…decisions with integrity and respect.”

Following are the Strategic Goals set by Council in the last term.

Short-Term Goals (1-2 years):

  • Priority I – Municipal Rebranding
  • Priority II – Address the Recreation Gap
  • Priority III – Walking Trail Expansion Project
  • Priority IV – Purchase SW9-44-12 W4M

Long-Term (LT) Goals (3-10 years):

  • LT Priority I – Remaining Infrastructure Replacement and Main Street Revitalization Project
  • LT Priority II: Residential Lot Development (5-10 lots)

With a new term beginning, Council will be revisiting their strategic plan over the course of the next few months.