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Notice of Special Meeting

Council will hold a Special Meeting on Thursday, June 25th at the Community Hall beginning at 6pm. The agenda can be found on the Town of Sedgewick portal at https://sedgewick.civicweb.net/Portal/

June 18th, 2020 Council Meeting Highlights

Council discussed the following issues at their June 18th regular meeting:


Canada Day Parade to Proceed

The 2020 Canada Day Parade will proceed in Sedgewick on July 1st with the parade commencing at 11am and following its traditional path down Main Street. Those that wish to enter floats are asked to meet at the AP Convenience Store and Gas Bar at 10:45am.

The 4800 block of Main Street will be closed to regular traffic between the hours of 10am and 12pm. Barricades will be strategically placed and parked vehicles will be asked to move to another location.

Due to Covid 19, the Town would like to remind residents and visitors that social distancing is still very important and individuals should always try to keep 2 meters between themselves and others. If you feel that social distancing will be difficult during the parade, the Town recommends that you wear a mask. The Town office is currently distributing free masks and they can be picked up during normal working hours.

Covid Masks Available at Town Office

In a partnership with the Province of Alberta, the Town of Sedgewick will be distributing 3-ply disposable face masks from their office to residents. Masks are available for free and can be picked-up as of June 8th. There is a limit of 4 masks per individual.

Although masks are not mandatory, they are being prescribed to be used in situations where physical distancing is not possible such as grocery stores or when visiting a hair salon.

Masks can be picked up for family members, friends and neighbours if they ask you to do so, however the current supply is reserved for town residents.

The Town office is located at 4818 47th Street and is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 12pm and 1pm to 4:30pm.


This is to certify that the 2020 Combined Assessment and Tax Notices prepared by the Town of Sedgewick have been issued and mailed on May 29th, 2020, in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, Section 335.

Tax notices are deemed to have been received 7 days after they are sent, in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, Section 337.

Alberta Ombudsman Releases Municipality Report

On April 1, 2018 the Alberta Ombudsman assumed the responsibility of investigating complaints about Alberta municipalities. One of the primary tasks of the office is to instill confidence in both municipalities and complainants, by demonstrating the Ombudsman is a fair, effective and impartial office that can help resolve complaints related to administrative decisions.

Over the past two years, the office has had many interactions with municipalities across the province. In an effort to explain what their involvement may look like, they have compiled a report in which they explore specific case examples as well as general themes around municipal complaints. The goal of the report is twofold: the first, to continue developing positive rapport with municipal administration, and the second, to raise awareness and understanding of the role of the Ombudsman.

The full report can be found at https://sedgewick.ca/government/reports/

Council Highlights for May 21st, 2020

Council made decisions on the following issues at their May 21st regular meeting:


May 21st Council Meeting to be Held Electronically

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the May 21st regular meeting of council will be held electronically via Zoom. To access the meeting, please go to https://sedgewick.ca/live-streamed-council-meetings/

The meeting begins at 6pm.

Recreation Funding Committee Accepting 2020 Applications

The Recreation Funding Committee is now accepting applications for 2020 recreation funding. The Sedgewick and District Ag Society has been allocated $109,627 by Flagstaff County to distribute to deserving recreation and culture groups. Applications are due by May 15th.


Council Highlights for April 16th

Council discussed the following issues at their April 16th, 2020 regular meeting:


Council developed an itemized list of concerns regarding the proposed agreement and bylaws for the formation of the Flagstaff Regional Emergency Services Society which will be sent to the transition team.  The purpose of the society is to amalgamate fire services within the region.


Council approved Bylaw 571, an updated version of the Utilities Bylaw.  The update included adding a section that would permit council to implement a utility deferral program by resolution.  Council has not yet exercised this option.


Council updated the Fees and Charges Bylaw by removing the monthly charge for fire services which had been charged to active utility accounts since January.  The fees were being collected in order to pay for a requisition from the Flagstaff Regional Emergency Services Society.  The society was to be formed by January 1st, 2020 however as of yet the participating municipalities have not come to an agreement and the establishment has been delayed.  The already collected charges will be returned and will appear as credit amounts on May’s utility invoicing.

Internet charges for the Town’s broadband internet service were also added to the Bylaw.  The service includes basic, advanced and unlimited plans.


Permit 20-05 was approved allowing for the discretionary use of an accessory building at the property legally described as Plan 5755s; Block A; Lots 28-31.


Council approved allocating $121,500 in the 2020 Capital Budget toward updating the gas and water meter reading system.  The current hardware and software is outdated and no longer able to be part of a maintenance/support package.  The project would include converting current meters to allow for drive-by data collection.


Council approved a motion to widen Main Street parking stalls by one foot and to decrease the angle of parking from 60 to 55 degrees resulting in 54 stalls.  Council also decided to add a portion of concrete into the corner of each landscaped bulb so as to provide easier access to the sidewalk by foot traffic.  Total estimate for the work is $12,400 with the source of funding to be Municipal Sustainability Initiative grant funding.


Council approved entering into a three-year agreement with Brian King Professional Corporation to provide auditing services to town.


Council approved the appointment of Carol Arntzen to the Sedgewick Public Library Board for a three-year term and expiring on April 1st, 2023.