The Town of Sedgewick

Meetings and Minutes

Council Meetings

Council meetings are held the third Thursday of every month at 6:00 PM, unless otherwise posted, in Council Chambers at 4818-47 Street.

All Council meetings are open to the public.

Should you wish to address council you must request to attend a council meeting as a delegate. Such requests must be made through the Chief Administrative Officer.

Download a Delegation Form here.

Agenda Packages and Minutes

When possible, agenda packages will be posted here a minimum of two days before the Council meeting. Minutes of each council meeting are posted on the website upon being approved at the subsequent council meeting. The following is an archive of agenda packages and approved council minutes from the past 5 years.

October 19AgendaMinutes
September 21AgendaMinutes
August 24AgendaMinutes
July 27AgendaMinutes
July 6 (special)AgendaMinutes
June 26 (special)AgendaMinutes
June 15AgendaMinutes
May 24AgendaMinutes
May 15 (special)AgendaMinutes
May 11 (special)AgendaMinutes
April 20AgendaMinutes
March 16AgendaMinutes
January 30AgendaMinutes
December 15AgendaMinutes
December 1 (special)AgendaMinutes
November 17AgendaMinutes
October 25AgendaMinutes
October 25 (organizational)AgendaMinutes
September 15AgendaMinutes
September 7 (special)AgendaMinutes
August 18AgendaMinutes
July 14AgendaMinutes
June 23AgendaMinutes
May 26AgendaMinutes
May 12 (special)AgendaMinutes
April 21AgendaMinutes
March 10AgendaMinutes
February 18AgendaMinutes
January 21AgendaMinutes
January 21 (organizational)AgendaMinutes
December 17AgendaMinutes
December 10AgendaMinutes
November 19AgendaMinutes
October 29 (special)AgendaMinutes
October 29 (public hearing)AgendaMinutes
October 29 (organizational)AgendaMinutes
October 22 (organizational)AgendaMinutes
October 13AgendaMinutes
October 9AgendaMinutes
September 29AgendaMinutes
September 17AgendaMinutes
September 1AgendaMinutes
July 20AgendaMinutes
June 25AgendaMinutes
May 21AgendaMinutes
April 16AgendaMinutes
April 9MinutesMinutes
March 12AgendaMinutes
February 9AgendaMinutes
February 5AgendaMinutes
January 22AgendaMinutes
December 15AgendaMinutes
December 4AgendaMinutes
November 20AgendaMinutes
November 6AgendaMinutes
October 23AgendaMinutes
September 18AgendaMinutes
August 28AgendaMinutes
July 14AgendaMinutes
July 3AgendaMinutes
June 19AgendaMinutes
May 29AgendaMinutes
May 21AgendaMinutes
April 16AgendaMinutes
April 8AgendaMinutes
March 19AgendaMinutes
February 20AgendaMinutes
January 23AgendaMinutes