The Town of Sedgewick

Bylaws and Policies

The Town of Sedgewick has a number of bylaws and policies and we want to make sure that the information is available to residents.

We have compiled the following bylaw and policy library to make the information easier to access.

Click on the Bylaw if you wish to view or print (in PDF format).

Bylaw NumberBylaw NameDate Approved
537Boulevard BylawFeb.15, 2018
536Fees and Charges BylawDec. 21, 2017
535Procedural BylawDec. 21, 2017
533Solid Waste Management BylawSept. 21, 2017
532Recreation Board BylawAug. 24, 2017
531Election BylawJune 15, 2017
5302017 Tax Rate BylawMay 24, 2017
529Reduction of Councillors BylawMar 16, 2017
527Amendment to Land Use Bylaw #461Dec. 15, 2017
5252016 Tax Rate BylawMay 26, 2016
524Recreation Funding BylawFeb. 18, 2016
521Amendment to Intermunicipal Development Plan Bylaw #466Dec. 17, 2015
520Amendment to Land Use Bylaw #461Oct. 29, 2015
519Cemetery BylawJune 25, 2015
511Traffic Control BylawAug. 28, 2014
505Amendment to Land Use Bylaw #461Nov. 14, 2013
504Amendment to Land Use Bylaw #461Nov. 28, 2013
496Fortis Alberta Franchise BylawDec. 5, 2012
494Utilities BylawOct. 18, 2012
486Chief Administrative Officer BylawOct. 20, 2011
485Municipal Emergency Management BylawOct. 20, 2011
484Hawkers and Peddlers BylawAug. 18, 2011
473Water Restriction BylawMay 20, 2010
465Unsightly Premises BylawAug. 20, 2009
464Dog Control BylawAug. 20, 2009
462Municipal Development Plan BylawApr. 16, 2009
461Land Use Bylaw2012
451Noise Control BylawJan. 17, 2008
380Off Highway VehiclesAug. 8, 1995

The Chief Administration Officer is appointed as the Bylaw enforcement Officer (BEO). Citizens are able to file confidential written complaints. Please see our Forms page for a copy of the complaint form.

Historical Bylaws (starting back in 1914) have been scanned and are available through the Our Future, Our Past Alberta Heritage website.

Animal Licenses

All Sedgewick residents are responsible for registering their dog(s) annually at the municipal office in accordance with Dog Control Bylaw #464.

Each household is permitted to house two (2) dogs (some grandfathering may apply).

Dog licenses are due on or before January 31 annually. Fees double on February 1.

 Number of DogsSpayed/NeuteredUnaltered
January 1 - 311 - 2$15.00$30.00
After January 311- 2$30.00$60.00
Replacement Tag$3.00$3.00

If you are new to town you have fourteen days to license your dog(s).

In any instance, if a dog owner neglects to license a dog(s) or contravenes Bylaw #464, they may be subject to penalties and enforcement fees up to $300.00.

Frequently Asked Questions About Credits or Reimbursements:

Q: Can I get reimbursed if my dog passes away or is relocated to a new home throughout the year?

A: No, unfortunately. Licensing fees are applied and effective for twelve months (January 31 to December 31). Fees are not transferable or reimbursed.

Q: How do you know if my dog(s) has been spayed or neutered?

A: Upon registration of your dog at the municipal office, you are required to provide proof of alteration. A copy of your proof is kept on file at the municipal office for future years. If you are unable to locate your alteration documentation you may sign an affidavit under oath at the municipal office that alterations have been completed.

Q: Will I be invoiced annually for my dog(s) licensing?

A: No, it is your responsibility to ensure licensing is renewed. Reminders are published in the town newsletter, Facebook page, and on your December utility bill.

Q: Is my dog(s) required to wear the tag?

A: Yes, your dog is required to wear a tag at all times when it is on any property other than that of its owner.

Cemetery Monuments

Monument Permit is required before placement of a Monument at a cost of $26.25. For more information on the Sedgewick Cemetery, click here.

Hawker & Peddlers

A Hawker & Peddlers Form must be obtained <link to PDF> before conducting any business as a hawker or peddler.