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Town Administration

Town of Sedgewick

P.O. Box 129
4818 47 Street
Sedgewick, AB T0B 4C0


Phone: (780) 384-3504
Fax: (780) 384-3545

Hours of Operations

Monday through Friday.
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Closed between
12:00 Noon - 1:00 PM

Statuatory Holidays - closed

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The following rates were passed December 17, 2015 under the
Fees and Charges Bylaw #523
*Other charges may be applicable – please see Bylaw for explanation.
For questions regarding billing, check here

Water meters are in use in Sedgewick and read monthly at the end of the month.
Water is measured in cubic meters. (1 meter is equal to approximately 220 gallons)

Water meter rates are $1.50 per cubic meter

Water infrastructure renewal fee (WIRF) of $11.52

Water meter replacement fee (WMRF) of $5.00

There is a $50.00 fee for the reconnection of disconnected services for non-payment or by request.

Sanitary Sewer is charged monthly, however not metered.

Residential charge ~ $19.65

Commercial Charge ~ $19.01

Sewer Infrastructure Renewal Fee (SIRF) of $9.75

Other charges may apply to certain situations.

The Town of Sedgewick contracts the removal of solid waste within the municipality form the Flagstaff Regional Solid Waste Management Association.  Charges are levied on your monthly utility bill.

Residential Charge ~ $28.50

Commercial Charge ~ $28.50 (not renting a bin)

Residential pick up is Thursday.  Garbage must be bagged and tied, in containers and set out prior to 7:30 am on pickup day.  There is a limit of 4 bags per residence/weekly.

Extra bag tags can be purchased for $1.00/bag at the town office (4818 – 47 St.).

Due to winter conditions residents along the north side of McLean Crescent West (backing onto the golf course) and the west side of 53 Street (west side) - please place your garbage in the front from October 1 to March 31.

Natural Gas System

Natural gas meter maintenance charge is $20.00

Administrative charge $0.85/GJ

Delivery charge $0.40/GJ

Gigajoule (GJ) rate charged is determined by the monthly pricing from GasAlberta.

Residential & Commercial ~ first time natural gas line installation rates

Summer - $1,000               

Winter (Nov.1 to March 31) - $1,000 plus extra installation rates

*Other charges may apply depending on development/construction..

Water Restriction Bylaw # 473
The town has implemented a restriction on all outdoor watering to ensure an adequate water supply and reserves for all necessary health and life services, including fire services. 

The following outdoor water schedule will be in force June 1 to October 1, annually.


No outdoor watering between the hours of 9 am to 6 pm

Odd-numbered houses may water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
(ie: 4809 – 47 St.).

Even-numbered houses may water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
(ie: 4810 – 47St).


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