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Town Administration

Town of Sedgewick

P.O. Box 129
4818 47 Street
Sedgewick, AB T0B 4C0


Phone: (780) 384-3504
Fax: (780) 384-3545

Hours of Operations

Monday through Friday.
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Closed between
12:00 Noon - 1:00 PM

Statuatory Holidays - closed

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Municipal Property for Sale

The Town of Sedgewick currently has the following lots for sale:


Vacant Commercial Lots for Sale

Municipal Properties

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Use of Town Owned Lots

Sedgewick Town Council has addressed a concern regarding the unkempt appearance of town-owned vacant property. The Town Public Works Department takes pride in their ability to maintain the town’s parks and lands so that they present a well-maintained appearance to residents and visitors alike and complement the neighbourhoods they are located in.

There are privately owned recreational vehicles and various automobiles parked on town-owned lands. There are several issues that arise from this unauthorized use of the Town lands:

1. Public Works cannot mow within several feet of the personal property that is parked on the town lot due to liability issues. There are concerns that the private property could be damaged by flying debris or an inadvertent collision.

2. With the private vehicles on town-owned lots, the tall grass around the vehicle area that cannot be mowed gives the area an unkempt appearance.

3. There is an environmental concern that there could be some leakage of fluids from a private vehicle onto the land that is for sale.

4. The parking of vehicles on the town-owned lots gives the appearance that the lots are occupied and in use and are not for sale.

In order to address these issues, and provide local residents an option, Town Council has adopted a Municipal Lot Lease Policy. This policy will permit an individual to use a town-owned lot with requirements for certain lot maintenance and public liability provisions. A copy of a Municipal Lot Lease Agreement is available to interested individuals.

With council’s approval of this policy, a deadline for compliance must be set in order to implement the policy.

All residents with private property parked on town-owned lands must either enter into a Municipal Lot Lease Agreement or remove their private property from the town-owned lands by September 1st, 2009. Enforcement actions will be taken after this date.

Residents are reminded that the regulations of Traffic Bylaw #440 must be complied with in regards to parking of recreational and non-registered vehicles on public roads.



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